Air Live Drive versions for Windows:

Air Live Drive version 1.2.2

December 19, 2018
-Improved stability.
-Fixed, the account name was not displayed for a recently added account.
-Added English (United Kingdom) translation, thanks to Vince.
-Updated English (US) translation, thanks to Vince.
-Added Bulgarian translation, thanks to InvisionBG.

Air Live Drive version 1.2.1

December 18, 2018
-Fixed in OneDrive for Business a new version of the file with the origin date was automatically created after each upload.
-Fixed application did not close with pending uploads.

Air Live Drive version 1.2.0

November 8, 2018
-Added pCloud support.
-Fixed SFTP support.
-Fixed, some Mega accounts could not login.
-Fixed, some Naver accounts could not login.
-Increased upload speeds for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.
-Fixed downloading files from a folder in with a dot at the end of the name.
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Portuguese translation (thanks to Luiz).
-Added Lituanian translation (thanks to Hobis Bug).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Hellara).

Air Live Drive version 1.1.3

October 4, 2018
-Improved stability.
-Show in the windows taskbar icon if Air Live Drive is uploading or downloading a file with arrow icons.
-Improved OneDrive speed.
-OneDrive migrated to new API.
-Added Arabic language (thanks to support fnphones).
-Added Dutch language (thanks to Dirk N).
-Added Armenian language (thanks to Karen).
-Added Vietnamese language (thanks to Hiếu).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to Jaehyung).
-Updated Malay translation (thanks to MOLOKAL).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to Zityi

Air Live Drive version 1.1.2

September 13, 2018
-Improved stability.
-New option to request a password to start Air Live Drive (pro users).
-Added Ukranian language (thanks to Андрей).
-Added Chinese Simplified (PRC) language (thanks to Jason).
-Added Russian translation (thanks to Aquarius™).
-Added German translation (thanks to mathplatz).
-Added Turkish translation (thanks to SALiH DRD).
-Added Chinese traditional (thanks to 雪杯尾狼).
-Added Korean transkation (thanks to Kyung-Sin).
-Added Malay translation (thanks to Molokal)
-Added Hungarian translation (thanks to Zityi ).
-Added Finnish translation (thanks to Toni).
-Added Chinese (Zh-CN) (thanks to Liang).
-Added Thai language (thanks to Yutthaphon).
-Added French translation (thanks to Largo).

Air Live Drive version 1.1.1

September 3, 2018
-Improved stability.
-Updated Naver.
-Updated Mega.
-Fixed: language setting was not saved correctly
-Added Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).

Air Live Drive version 1.1.0

August 17, 2018
-Added OneDrive for Business.
-Fixed, the app window could remain on top of other windows.
-Fixed Naver.
-Added Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).
-Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Luiz).

Air Live Drive version 1.0.2

July 24, 2018
-Fixed Mega.
-Fixed error clearing cache of disconnected disks.
-Improved stability.
-Added Italian translation (thanks to Davide).

Air Live Drive version 1.0.1

July 5, 2018
-Fixed minimize to tray.
-Added Polish translation (thanks to Majkel).

Air Live Drive version 1.0.0

June 27, 2018
Clouds supported:
-OneDrive and OneDrive for Business
-Google Drive
-Magenta Cloud
-Stack Storage
-Datto Drive

Supported features:
-Cache system.
-Cache profiles.
-Read only disks option.
-Background uploads.
-Mount disks at start up.
-View uploads list.
-Minimize to tray.

Languages supported: