Air Live Drive 1.1.2, new version

List of changes:
-Improved stability.
-New option to request a password to start Air Live Drive (pro users).
-Added Ukranian language (thanks to Андрей).
-Added Chinese Simplified (PRC) language (thanks to Jason).
-Added Russian translation (thanks to Aquarius™).
-Added German translation (thanks to mathplatz).
-Added Turkish translation (thanks to SALiH DRD).
-Added Chinese traditional (thanks to 雪杯尾狼).
-Added Korean transkation (thanks to Kyung-Sin).
-Added Malay translation (thanks to Molokal)
-Added Hungarian translation (thanks to Zityi ).
-Added Finnish translation (thanks to Toni).
-Added Chinese (Zh-CN) (thanks to Liang).
-Added Thai language (thanks to Yutthaphon).
-Added French translation (thanks to Largo).

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