Air Live Drive 1.1.3, new version

List of changes:

-Improved stability.
-Show in the windows taskbar icon if Air Live Drive is uploading or downloading a file with arrow icons.
-Improved OneDrive speed.
-OneDrive migrated to new API.
-Added Arabic language (thanks to support fnphones).
-Added Dutch language (thanks to Dirk N).
-Added Armenian language (thanks to Karen).
-Added Vietnamese language (thanks to Hiếu).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to Jaehyung).
-Updated Malay translation (thanks to MOLOKAL).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to Zityi

  1. Ten says:

    Please add to your page ticket system for bugs, etc.
    Please add this to future versions:
    1. Drive name in Windows explorer.exe no get name from server but get name from manual add text as name drive in app. (Name drive form app to drive name Windows explorer.exe)
    2. Add support for FTP.
    3. Add affiliate program for language translators license is free.

  2. Pls says:

    It would be nice to have transparent encryption when adding/setting a disk.
    Like the options available in Air Explorer.


  3. Bad_Mama_Jama says:

    may i confirm that the individual drives’ logins and passwords are able to be saved within AIR LIVE DRIVE?

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