Air Live Drive 1.8.0, new version

List of changes:
-Added Nextcloud support.
-Added Owncloud support.
-Fixed issue downloading very large files from S3.
-Reduced memory usage downloading files from S3.
-Fixed, show all buckets in AWS S3 and S3 based clouds.
-Fixed compatibility issue with DigitalOcean spaces S3.
-Show the account name on the Oauth external connection window.
-Improved uploading files to Dropbox.
-Fixed compatibility issue with Synology SFTP.
-Removed 2GB file limit for HiDrive.
-Fixed error copying files or folders in some webdav servers.
-Updated French translation (thanks to Largo).
-Updated Chinese Traditional translation (thanks to Wang).
-Updated Russian translation (thanks to Vitaliy).

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