Air Live Drive 1.11.0, new version

List of changes:
-Added support for Huawei Drive.
-Updated Magenta Cloud.
-Fixed, some mega uploads did not finish well.
-Fixed 429 errors on OneDrive for Business.
-Improved FTP compatibility.
-Added support for Opendrive chunked uploads.
-OpenDrive downloads faster.
-Show in the tray icon the current active state (uploading, downloading or idle).
-Show all buckets by default on S3 connections.
-Show all buckets by default on Wasabi connections.
-Show all buckets by default on Backblaze connections.
-Show all sites by default on Sharepoint and Sharepoint for China connections.
-Clear cache on disconnect setting was not saved correctly.
-Fixed issue connecting to some AWS S3 accounts.
-Added support for command line arguments:
AirLiveDrive.exe (mount|unmount) (|)
AirLiveDrive.exe mount Z:
AirLiveDrive.exe mount “My account name”
AirLiveDrive.exe unmount Z:
AirLiveDrive.exe unmount “My account name”
-Updated Turkish translation (thanks to ?zg?r).
-Updated Portuguese translation (thanks to Thiago).

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