Air Live Drive 2.1.0, new version

List of changes:-Added Orange Flexible Cloud support.-Fixed HiDrive support.-Fixed working as UNC paths for network mounted drives.-Improved SFTP upload and download speeds.-Added workaround for supporting the character / in Google Drive.-Added, play online videos on Mega.-Faster Mega uploads.-Share Mega folders.-Faster connection to some Mega accounts.-Added support for S3 path style addresses.-Fixed issue connecting to some … Continue Reading

Mount Wasabi as a local hard drive

Wasabi is a cloud storage service provider that competes with solutions such as Amazon S3. Wasabi’s cloud storage allows you to store backups as well as general day-to-day data. By adding Wasabi to Air Live Drive, you can access your server and manage your files as if you are working with a local hard drive. To … Continue Reading

Air Live Drive 1.6.0, new version

List of changes: -Added Amazon S3 Support.-Added generic S3 Support.-Added Wasabi cloud support.-Play videos directly without downloading the files to the cache. Right click a video file and select “Play Online Video”.-Fixed, could not generate shared link for some accounts.-Fixed FTPS support.-Fixed Naver support.-Added Catalan translation (Thanks to Josep).