Mount Wasabi as a local hard drive

Wasabi is a cloud storage service provider that competes with solutions such as Amazon S3. Wasabi’s cloud storage allows you to store backups as well as general day-to-day data. By adding Wasabi to Air Live Drive, you can access your server and manage your files as if you are working with a local hard drive. To … Continue Reading

Manage your files in SharePoint China

SharePoint is a storage service that allows you to share and manage online content, optimizing the work of your team. When you add SharePoint Online to Air Live Drive, you can view your SharePoint cloud as another disk on your computer and access it through Windows Explorer. In addition to supporting SharePoint Online, Air Live … Continue Reading

How to get 60 GB free in Teracloud

Air Live Drive adds your clouds as disk drives to your computer. The software supports the most used clouds such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Mega, Yandex, Naver, etc. We have now added Teracloud to Air Live Drive. Teracloud is a Japanese cloud that offers 10GB for free when you sign up for the cloud. Also, … Continue Reading

pCloud in Air Live Drive

Air Live Drive has added in the last version a new cloud file server, pCloud. This is a cloud server that gives you 10 GB of free for your files. You can add it to Air Live Drive easily. First sign up in pCloud and create your own account. When you finish to sing up … Continue Reading