Use the command line to connect cloud discs automatically

Air Live Drive allows you to access your documents, photos and other files stored in your clouds as if they were stored on your local drive. So you can use the cloud storage to its full potential and manage them all together through Windows Explorer.

Air Live Drive has the option to use the command line to connect units automatically.

First, open the command-line window. To open it, click on the start button and type CMD.

Then, write the command:
C:\Program Files\AirLiveDrive\AirLiveDrive.exe (mount|unmount) (<unit>|<accountName>)
Repalace <unit> with the letter of the unit you want to mount, for example Z:
Anothe alternative is to replace <accountName> with the “Display name” of the account you want to mount.

AirLiveDrive.exe mount Z:
AirLiveDrive.exe mount “My account name”
AirLiveDrive.exe unmount Z:
AirLiveDrive.exe unmount “My account name”

When you run the command line with this command, the software will open and connect the account you have requested.

Once the account is connected to Air Live Drive, when you open Windows Explorer, you will be able to see your account and work with it. You will be able to access your files, open them, work with them and save them back to the cloud.

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