Mount Amazon S3 as a local hard drive

Air Live Drive supports the most important remote file systems protocols, WebDav, FTP and SFTP, also clouds with the S3 protocol like Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is one of the most important storage services and with Air Live Drive you can manage your files, work with them and save the changes in your folders on your Amazon S3 as if it were a local disk.

To start using Amazon S3, you first need to add your account to Air Live Drive and enter your Acces Key ID and the Secret Acces Key.

Once your Amazon S3 account is added, you just have to connect it so that it appears as a hard drive on your computer.

By connecting your Amazon S3 account with Air Live Drive, you can open it from Windows Explorer and you will have all your files easily accessible to work with. For example you can open your Office files that are stored in your Amazon S3, work with them and save the changes directly in the cloud.

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