Mount a cloud disk as a network drive

Working directly with your cloud accounts is easy with Air Live Drive. The program allows you to add your clouds as local drives and view them in Windows Explorer.

Air Live Drive also gives you the option to mount a cloud account as a network drive. This way, when you open Windows Explorer, you can see it as a network drive. If you mount a cloud as a network drive, some programs will handle differently how the files are accesed. We recomend this option when some programs are not working correctly when the disk is mounted as a local disk.

To mount a cloud as a network drive, the first thing you need to do is add the cloud and assign it a drive letter. Then, just enter the Disk Configuration window.

In the Disk Configuration you can check if you want to mount the cloud account as a network drive. Also in this window you have other options to configure your account such as “Connect the account on startup” or “Mount as read only”. Here, you can also configure the cache options.

Once your account is set up, you can open the cloud from Windows Explorer and start working with the files and folders you have stored there. When you modify files, the changes will be saved directly to the cloud, avoiding duplicate files or lost changes.

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