Working online from your computer

Today, technology has transformed the way we work. Online work, also known as telecommuting or remote work, has become a growing trend around the world. From home or anywhere else with internet access, we can collaborate with teams, serve clients and perform work tasks without being physically present in a traditional office. So in an increasingly connected world, online work is not just an option, it’s a reality. Thanks to technological tools such as Air Live Drive, we can take advantage of all its benefits and adapt to this new way of working.

Some of the advantages of embracing online working include:

  • Location flexibility: You can work from home, coffee shops, libraries or any other place with an Internet connection.
  • Personalised working hours: You have the freedom to set your own working hours, which can be beneficial for work-life balance.
  • Job variety: There are many online job opportunities in a variety of areas, such as digital marketing, programming, graphic design, copywriting, customer service and more.
  • Greater autonomy: Easier to manage your time according to your needs.

Work online with Air Live Drive

In order to work more efficiently and flexibly from anywhere, Air Live Drive is a program that will help you do just that. Air Live Drive is a tool that allows you to mount your online cloud storage (such as Google Drive or Dropbox or Mega) as if they were local drives on your computer, so you will always have the files you need to work with at your fingertips.

Air Live Drive support the most important clouds

Some of the advantages of working with Air Live Drive are:

  • Direct access to files in the cloud: You can work with your files in the cloud without having to download or synchronize them on your PC, avoiding duplicate files.
  • Space saving: By not duplicating files on your computer, you optimise the use of your local storage space.
  • Advanced configuration: Air Live Drive offers options such as a cache system to speed up access to files in the cloud and background uploads for greater efficiency.
  • Windows integration: You can create shared links and quickly access your files from the Windows context menu.

Edit and save files in the cloud with your usual programs

When you work with Air Live Drive and open your files in the cloud from your computer, you can use your programs installed on your computer to edit, view or manage those files. This allows you to work with your usual tools, such as Word, Photoshop, Excel, etc., open your files, work with them, modify them and then save them directly to the cloud.

Edit and save files in the cloud with your usual programs

Working with Air Live Drive also has some disadvantages such as:

  • Limitations on the free version: the free version has restrictions, such as allowing only 1 disk per cloud and a maximum of three disks signed up.
  • Internet connection dependency: As you work directly in the cloud, you need a stable connection to access your files.
  • Not a synchronization tool: Keep in mind that Air Live Drive is not a tool to synchronize your files, if you prefer to duplicate and synchronize the files it is better to use Air Explorer, a cloud manager that you can use to synchronize your files with the cloud and keep them up to date.
 Air Explorer, a cloud manager that you can use to synchronize your files

In short, working online means that you are not limited by a specific physical location, but can perform your tasks from anywhere with access to the web. And, Air Live Drive is an excellent option for accessing and working with your files in the cloud making your tasks as convenient as possible.

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