Mount Azure Blob Storage as a drive in your computer

Microsoft Azure offers a storage service called Azure Blob Storage, which allows users to store massive amounts of data in the cloud. This service has high scalability and security features, so it can handle different types of data, such as media files, documents and binary data, without compromising performance or reliability.

If you want to work with files uploaded to Azure from your PC you can use Air Live Drive. This software allows you to connect your cloud accounts as drives on your computer and work with the files in the cloud without duplicating them. To start working with Azure in Air Live Drive, just follow one simple step: add your Azure account to the software.

To add your Azure account, there are two ways you can choose the one that suits you best. The third option is to add shared Azure folders or to access only a particular folder.

Once you have added your Azure account, you have to asign a drive letter in your computer and connect the cloud.

When the cloud is connected you will be able to see it directly using Windows Explorer. This way you can start working with the files, open and work with them and then save the changes to the cloud without duplicating them.

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