Air Live Drive 1.5.0, new version

List of changes: -Option for not showing thumbnails for files that are not in cache.-Files icons will indicate if the file is in cache.-Export and import accounts button moved to the end of the disks list.-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).-Updated Japanese translation.

Air Live Drive 1.4.3, new version

List of changes: -Save account information on export disks feature.-Fixed, sometimes Box asked to enter the password. -Import and export disks.-Option to change proxy settings.-Sharepoint Online now connects faster.-More information on connection errors.-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).-Updated Malay translation (thanks to MOLOKAL).-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).

Air Live Drive 1.4.0, new version

List of changes:-Added upport for Sharepoint Online.-Fixed support for Yandex. It will be required to authenticate again.-Option to open automatically the File Explorer when a disk is connected.-New button to open the File Explorer for the connected disks.-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to SEDATIVE).-Updated Czech translation (thanks to Servis).

Air Live Drive 1.3.4, new version

List of changes: -Fixed FTP and FTPS support.-Show license code in the interface.-Fixed uploading files to Mediafire.-Fixed webp images did not generate thumbnails in Google Drive.-Updated Hungarian translation (thank sto SEDATIVE).-Updated Polish translation (thanks to Waldemar).

Air Live Drive 1.3.3, new version

List of changes: -Fixed compatibility issue with some Webdav servers (Synology NAS). -Fixed, Box accounts with a character “/” in the user name did not work well. -Fixed issue creating folders with # in the name for WebDAV. -Fixed uploading files to Google Drive with wrong mime type values in the registry.

Air Live Drive 1.3.2, new version

List of changes: -Fixed background uploads compatibility issue with Photoshop. -Google Drive login using external browser. -Fixed: In some computers it was not possible to add two or more different OneDrive accounts. -Updated Korean language (Thanks to JaeHyung). -Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).

Air Live Drive 1.3.0, new version

List of changes: -Added support for Google Team Drives (new option in preferences to display Team Drives). -Added support for shared with me drives (OneDrive, Google Drive) (new option in preferences to display shared with me drives). -Fixed issue moving files from the cloud. -Improved stability. –Fixed, it was necessary to enter Box login and … Continue Reading

Air Live Drive 1.2.4, new version

List of changes: -Improved stability. -Fixed issue uploading files to Mediafire. -Fixed issue uploading files to Magenta Cloud. -Fixed Synology NAS WebDAV support. -Fixed some accounts can not load. -Updated Japanese translation. -Added Czech translation (thanks to Kahl).

Air Live Drive 1.2.3, new version

List of changes: -Added 2 factor authentication for Mega. -Fixed Mega can not login in some accounts. -Fixed uploading some files to Box did not work. -Exponential backoff retry control for Box. -Reduced the number of API requests in Google Drive. -Reduced the number of API requests in Box. -Reduced the number of API requests … Continue Reading