Air Live Drive 2.0.0, new version

List of changes:
-Removed the option to mount and display all the shared drives. Now all the drives are mounted by default. If you want to mount only your drive or any other drive you can select it in the disk preferences.
-Option to mount only a subfolder or a shared drive as the root folder.
-Option to mount cloud drives as folders in Windows instead of drives, for example you can mount a cloud drive in C:\MyCloudDrive1\ In this way you can mount any number of cloud drives.
-Option to mount the disk only for the current Windows user (private disk).
-Option to mount a cloud drive as a network drive.
-Air Live Drive now uses Dokan library 2.0 which improves compatibility, speed and stability.
-Added black and light themes.
-Added an indicator with the free space available for the connected drives.
-Now in the explorer context menu there are 2 new features:
Download local copy. Downloads the selected files to the local computer cache for fast access.
Remove local copy. Removes the selected files from the local computer cache.
-Fixed some files could not be saved correctly.
-Added several user interface improvements.

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