Alibaba Cloud in your PC

Alibaba Cloud is a Chinese cloud storage service that is included in Air Live Drive. It follows the S3 protocol, so to add it to the software you need to add the “Access Key ID” and the “Secret Access Key”, this information is very easy to find on the Alibaba Cloud website. Once you have … Continue Reading

Nutstore in your Windows Explorer

Use Air Live Drive to work with your Nutstore cloud directly from Windows Explorer. The application allows you to add your Nutstore account and then view it in Windows Explorer as if it were a local drive. This way you can have your Nutstore account open in Windows Explorer and manage your files, open them, … Continue Reading

Air Live Drive 2.2.0, new version

List of changes:-Added Jottacloud support.-Added support.-Added Nutstore ( support.-Added Alibaba Cloud support.-Added ArvanCloud support.-Check and wait for a working Internet connection before auto-connecting the drives at the start up.-Fixed, Sharepoint did not show all the sites.-Faster folder refresh for Box.-Faster upload of large files to Dropbox.-Fixed issue refreshing some Opendrive folders.-Fixed issue with double … Continue Reading

Mount a cloud disk as a network drive

Working directly with your cloud accounts is easy with Air Live Drive. The program allows you to add your clouds as local drives and view them in Windows Explorer. Air Live Drive also gives you the option to mount a cloud account as a network drive. This way, when you open Windows Explorer, you can … Continue Reading

How to refresh a cloud folder

Air Live Drive allows you to access your cloud accounts as hard drives on your computer. When you install Air Live Drive, you can add the clouds you have and once added, you can access them from Windows Explorer, just like any other local disk. Air Live Drive also has tools to work more comfortably … Continue Reading

Air Live Drive 2.1.0, new version

List of changes:-Added Orange Flexible Cloud support.-Fixed HiDrive support.-Fixed working as UNC paths for network mounted drives.-Improved SFTP upload and download speeds.-Added workaround for supporting the character / in Google Drive.-Added, play online videos on Mega.-Faster Mega uploads.-Share Mega folders.-Faster connection to some Mega accounts.-Added support for S3 path style addresses.-Fixed issue connecting to some … Continue Reading