How to mount cloud drives as folders

Air Live Drive allows you to mount your cloud accounts as local disks, now you also have the option to mount cloud drives as folders in Windows instead of drives. For example, you can mount a cloud drive in C:\MyCloudDrive1. This way, you can mount any number of drives in the cloud and your are … Continue Reading

How to mount just your disk or other shared drive

Air Live Drive allows you to mount your cloud accounts as local disks, so you can access and work with your cloud accounts from Windows Explorer. All drives of your cloud account will be mounted by default. This way, shared drives from e.g. Onedrive or Google Shared Drives are mounted and when you open the … Continue Reading

Owncloud as a local drive

Owncloud is a free software application that allows you to create a file hosting service. You can install it in a server and create your own cloud. Air Live Drive allows you to connect with your Owndcloud account and access your cloud as if it were a local disk. To start working with Onwcloud in … Continue Reading

Work with your files in Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a software that can be used to create spaces in the cloud where you can manage files and work with them. Many storage servers use this open source software to create their clouds and you can now add them to Air Live Drive. Nextcloud software is used on many servers and you can … Continue Reading

Synology NAS with Air Live Drive

The NAS is a popular data storage server connected to a network that centralises the data to make it available to users in a secure manner. It is used in businesses, however, nowadays the NAS is also adopted by individuals because it is a very effective way to keep control of the data. The Synology … Continue Reading

Mount Amazon S3 as a local hard drive

Air Live Drive supports the most important remote file systems protocols, WebDav, FTP and SFTP, also clouds with the S3 protocol like Amazon S3. Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is one of the most important storage services and with Air Live Drive you can manage your files, work with them and save the … Continue Reading