Air Live Drive 1.3.4, new version

List of changes: -Fixed FTP and FTPS support.-Show license code in the interface.-Fixed uploading files to Mediafire.-Fixed webp images did not generate thumbnails in Google Drive.-Updated Hungarian translation (thank sto SEDATIVE).-Updated Polish translation (thanks to Waldemar).

How to edit Word files in Google Drive

With Air Live Drive you can add many of the most relevant clouds such as Mega, Google Drive, Onedrive, Naver, … as local disks on your computer and you can easily work with your files directly in the clouds. For example, you can work with Word files saved in your Google Drive, you can open … Continue Reading

Air Live Drive 1.3.3, new version

List of changes: -Fixed compatibility issue with some Webdav servers (Synology NAS). -Fixed, Box accounts with a character “/” in the user name did not work well. -Fixed issue creating folders with # in the name for WebDAV. -Fixed uploading files to Google Drive with wrong mime type values in the registry.

How to view Google Shared Drives as Windows drives

Shared Drives, formerly Team Drives,  is an enterprise storage management system that allows to share spaces to teams, they can store, search, and access their files anywhere. Remember you need a G Suite account to use Shared Drives. To see your Shared Drives in your Windows Explorer as drive units, you just have to install … Continue Reading

How to modify Excel files directly in Naver

When you want to work with Excel files in Naver,  you have to download the file, then work on it and at the end upload it or via synchronization. But, with Air Live Drive, you can work directly in the cloud. Air Live Drive supports to integrate multiple cloud storage drives, such as Dropbox, Google … Continue Reading

Air Live Drive 1.3.2, new version

List of changes: -Fixed background uploads compatibility issue with Photoshop. -Google Drive login using external browser. -Fixed: In some computers it was not possible to add two or more different OneDrive accounts. -Updated Korean language (Thanks to JaeHyung). -Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).

Air Live Drive 1.3.0, new version

List of changes: -Added support for Google Team Drives (new option in preferences to display Team Drives). -Added support for shared with me drives (OneDrive, Google Drive) (new option in preferences to display shared with me drives). -Fixed issue moving files from the cloud. -Improved stability. –Fixed, it was necessary to enter Box login and … Continue Reading

Air Live Drive 1.2.4, new version

List of changes: -Improved stability. -Fixed issue uploading files to Mediafire. -Fixed issue uploading files to Magenta Cloud. -Fixed Synology NAS WebDAV support. -Fixed some accounts can not load. -Updated Japanese translation. -Added Czech translation (thanks to Kahl).